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10 Common Canon Printer Problems And How To Fix Them

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10 Common Canon Printer Problems And How To Fix Them

Canon Printer Problems

Canon Inc. is a Japanese multinational company specializing in developing numerous ranges of electronic gadgets. They are known for producing the best printer models with more features than other printer brands. When any printer doesn't perform well in its job, it's crystal clear to get frustrated. If it is a multitasking printer, the user faces considerable loss for professional and personal purposes.

There is no need to get disheartened as you will get the complete solution for all your problems under one roof. To help you with such a complicated situation, we've assembled the top 10 common printer problems and how to fix them.

Error 1: Canon Printer Isn't Answering

In case your Canon printer isn't accepting the command, you have to be sure that the gadget is turned on with paper loaded in it. In addition, essential cables have been used while connecting both devices. Also, check that the Wi-Fi is running smoothly without technical errors. If you have serious work and want a printer at any cost, take the device to the customer care office.

Error 2: Printer Won't Print

Are you receiving error notifications on the control panel or experiencing the print job getting stuck somewhere? One of the simplest methods is to switch off the printer, wait for a few minutes, and restart it again. However, it's important to verify that you've selected the correct printing settings before transferring the documents to another device in the nearby area.

Error 3: Canon Poor Print Quality

Following this, the paper loaded inside the printer cartridge creates a huge difference in the final printing quality. To get the best quality printout of the printer, make sure that you've chosen the correct paper with the correct settings & the printer is compatible with your PC or smartphone. Furthermore, try not to mix brands and types of paper with one single printer tray.

Error 4: Doubtful About Security

Canon manufactures its electronic printing device with pre-installed security features to keep hackers away. If you don't know how to do that, contact the IT manager or Managed Print Service (MPS) service provider to configure the security settings. It will be their duty to update the security settings and set up confidential printing models. Moreover, save their mobile phone for future reference.

Error 5: Canon Printer Isn't Scanning

Corrupted scanner software is the main villain if the printer isn't scanning the documents. To get a flawless printout from the electronic device, uninstall the printing software package, wait a few minutes, and reinstall it again. There might be hardware errors that need to be repaired or replaced. If it is unsuccessful, go through the guide troubleshooting segment. Apart from that, you can also open Canon's portal and search for your printer model.

Error 6: Countless Paper Jams

Inside the 10 common printer problems and how to fix them, the common problem faced by every printer is countless paper jams. To get relief from this problem, try to fan in the stack of paper to decrease the static and dust. After that, reinstall the paper while keeping it flush with the guidelines. Using thicker paper, it's better to manually feed each sheet into the printer.

Error 7: Canon Printer Prints Too Slow

To get answers regarding printers working too slowly, you must use low-quality printing paper, and the printing speed will immediately get fast. You need to consider whether the printer is on both sides of the paper. If your target is speed, then simple printer settings will lead to top-quality results. Lastly, if you are still confused, simply dial in and share your query with executives.

Error 8: Printing is Costly

Taking out the printout becomes too expensive due to various factors. Switch to a paperless electronic content management (ECM) system to keep the printing budget in the pocket. It stores and routes documents via the cloud, assisting the organization in forthcoming green initiatives. You can also use other methods to solve the issue and run the printer smoothly.

Error 9: Can't Print from Mobile Phone

Most major printer companies launch several apps allowing users to connect smartphones with printers. With the app's help, they get the authority to take out the printout wirelessly. If you are facing printing issues while operating the machine via smartphone, keep checking that the app and software are updated regularly. Other than that, ensure they can easily connect with the printing devices.

Error 10: Canon Printer Scanner Isn't Running

Different printing models are developed with in-built scanners to give competition to other brands. If the scanner isn't responding during the printing process, install the upgraded version of printer drivers from the official website. You can also install the printer driver from your respective PCs (if they have the Bluetooth connectivity feature).


In brief to the post, if not one of these techniques works on your printer, consider getting a service by replacing it with a new one. Knowing how to fix printer issues sometimes requires whom to contact. With the assistance of an expert, the user gets the answer to all their questions with easy steps. It will save not only their time but also release their frustration. If the problem continues, stay connected with Canon's official website or refer to FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What Are The Common Errors In Canon Printer?

Answer: While accessing the Canon printer for printing purposes, the user will experience different errors. All the eros will immediately harm the devices along with the project. The list of the errors includes:

     Paper jamming.

     Slow printing.

     Uneven printing.

     Wrong color output.

     Wi-Fi Disconnection.

It is evident how annoying it becomes to face these errors regularly. However, to get rid of them, take the help of the solutions. 

Question: How To Save Canon Printer From Unauthorized Access?

Answer: Here are the steps needed to be considered for protecting Canon printers from unauthorized access:

  1. Begin the process by opening the Run window and typing the program's name, folder, document, or Internet resource.
  2. After doing so, press the Enter key to connect you to the Programs & Features window.
  3. Next, right-click the Target Security Suite and click the Uninstall button. You can repeat this operation to uninstall your system's security suites. 

Question: How Can I Clean My Printer Heads?

Answer: Use the following steps to clean the Canon printer heads:

  1. Take a warm deep paper towel and smudge the cartridge with the printhead facing down onto the paper towel.
  2. It will start removing dried ink stuck on the printhead.
  3. Hold on to the cartridge with the printhead facing downward against a dry paper towel for 2-3 minutes. 

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