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How To Get Brother Printer Back Online? [4 Quick Solutions]

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How To Get Brother Printer Back Online? [4 Quick Solutions]

How to Get Brother Printer Back Online? [4 Quick Solutions]

Still, facing an offline error in your Brother printer? Do you want to know how to get Brother printer back online? In this blog, we are going to discuss the reasons that cause the offline issue in Brother printers. Also, we will explain various methods to get your printer back online.

The printer error can hinder your printing tasks, and users often find it difficult to fix. However, the solutions are straightforward and can resolve the issue in less time. Printers are complex devices and sensitive at the same time. They may show errors even for small changes in network, hardware, and power supply.

Sometimes, we can easily update the printer driver to fix this offline issue, but in some cases, updating the driver does not work. However, we have to try 4 different methods, which we will discuss in this blog. Let’s get started!

Solution 1: Update the Printer Firmware

Sometimes, updating the printer firmware can solve the Brother printer offline issue in your Brother printer. To update the firmware, you need to follow the provided steps below: 

  • First of all, you need to navigate to the official website of Brother (
  • Then, find the product you are using.

  • Now, move to the Downloads section of your printer device, choose the version for your Operating System that you use, and click on Search.

  • Afterward, you need to scroll down to the Firmware section and then choose the Firmware Update Tool.

  • Now, press the Agree to the EULA and Download button given in the lower bottom side.

  • Once the download is finished, you have to open the file. Then, proceed as per the given instructions and update the printer firmware.

Solution 2: Update the Printer Driver

Outdated or faulty printer drivers are the main reason why your printer status is offline. Here’s how to get Brother printer back online. Follow the steps here to resolve the offline issue:

  • First of all, type Control Panel in the search bar (on the taskbar) and hit the Enter key.
  • Then, move to the Devices and Printers.
  • Afterward, right-click on your Brother printer and choose the option Remove device.

  • Next, click Yes to confirm your action on the pop-up dialogue box.

  • Then, visit and find the Downloads page.
  • After that, click on Full Driver & Software Package.

  • Finally, you need to open the file you have downloaded and then proceed to install the printer driver as per the given instructions.

Solution 3: Cancel All Print Jobs

Pending print jobs can also cause offline errors, due to which you will need to cancel all the printer jobs.

Follow the instructions provided below to clear all printer jobs:

  • On the Control Panel, navigate to Devices and Printers and right-click on the Brother printer.
  • Next, choose the See what’s printing.
  • Then, click on Cancel All Documents.

  • Afterward, you have to hit Yes to confirm.
  • Finally, close the window and check whether your printer is back online.

Solution 4: Set the Printer as Default

When your printer is not set as a Default printer, then your computer will not assign any printing tasks to your printers. However, it sometimes causes offline errors, making it difficult for you to print anything.

Follow the steps in the section below to learn how to get Brother printer back online.

  1. Go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers. 
  2. Then, look for your printer and right-click on it.
  3. After that, you have to choose the option Set as default printer.  
  4. Afterward, your Brother printer will be set to default.


Getting rid of the offline issue from the printer forever is not possible. However, we can solve them using various methods. In contrast, we have discussed the 4 quick methods to get the Brother printer back online. Ensure you follow each step carefully, and if you find any method that doesn’t work for you, then simply move to the other steps. Finally, through this blog, you will get your answer to how to get Brother printer back online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: How Can I Fix My Brother Printer From Offline Mode?

Answer: Many reasons are responsible for offline errors in your printer. However, you can fix the offline issue in your Brother printer through the methods given below:

     Set the Brother printer as default.

     Update your printer firmware and printer drivers.

     Cancel all print jobs.

     Unpause the printer and Uncheck the Use Printer Offline

Question 2: What Does It Mean When My Brother Printer Says It's Offline?

Answer: When you see the offline message on your Brother printer, it means your printer is now unable to connect with the printer. There are various reasons associated with this, such as connectivity problems, faulty drivers or cables, wrong settings, and many more. However, the problem is resolvable and can be fixed easily. 

Question 3: How To Get Brother Printer Back Online Manually?

Answer: You follow the instructions below to get your printer back online manually:   


  1. Tap on the Start icon (Windows logo key) and then type Control.
  2. Then, press the Enter key on the keyboard. 
  3. After that, navigate to Devices and Printers.
  4. Further, you need to right-click the printer and choose the option See what’s printing.
  5. Navigate to the Printer under the menu bar at the top.
  6. Then, select the Use Printer Online

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