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How To Replace Ink & Toner In Brother Printer?

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How To Replace Ink & Toner In Brother Printer?

Ink & Toner in Brother Printer

When your Brother printer stops printing, it mostly happens when the toner cartridge runs out of ink. When the toner is low on the Brother laser printer, a "replace toner" message will appear, meaning you must replace the old cartridge with the new one. The process might be intimidating if you have never replaced your Brother printer's toner cartridge. This blog will show you how to replace the toner in a Brother printer. The installation steps differ depending on the printer, but the process is straightforward.

Brother Toner Cartridges & Drum Units: Difference

Once you understand how the toner and drum unit works, you won't find the toner installation and replacement process intimidating. Every model of Brother laser printer is compatible with a specific toner cartridge. The toner cartridges sit inside a plastic tray called a "drum assembly unit."

The drum is built into the rear of the drum assembly unit, and the toner cartridges are installed in the front of the tray. The toner cartridge and drum unit work together to produce a print. The toner cartridge is a vessel that holds the toner powder, and the drum unit is a photosensitive roller with an electrically charged image. The image is transferred to paper, and toner particles stick to the charged surface.

Why It's Important to Use Genuine Brother Ink & Toner?

The answer is simple if you want the best results, you have to buy the best. These toner cartridges help you to get the best performance out of your Brother laser printer. Brother extensively tests all its printing supplies to ensure consistent, high-quality output.

Upfront many third-party Brother-compatible toner cartridges may cost less. Still, they will only last for a short time, and in comparison, to genuine toner cartridges, third-party cartridges deliver inferior-quality prints. Also, the page yield on these third-party toner cartridges is never accurate. These third-party cartridges may cause installation issues, and the chances are high that an error message may pop up indicating that the printer does not recognize the new printer.

What Type of Brother Toner Cartridges Should You Use?

Besides offering a wide range of printers, Brother also offers a selection of toner cartridges for all its models. These toner cartridges come in standard, high-yield, and super-high-yield cartridges. Initially, the high-yield cartridges cost more, but in the long run, they will lower your overall cost per printed page.

All genuine Brother genuine ink and toner cartridges are labeled with the initials "TN" followed by a three-digit number. The initials "TN" are toner, and the three-digit number indicates the page yield. For example, Brother TN-730 indicates a standard yield of 1,200 pages, and Brother TN-760 indicates a high yield of 3,000. These toners may have similar names.

But that doesn't mean they are connected or can be used interchangeably. The toner cartridges of TN-720, 760, and 780 are bigger and flatter, whereas the TN-730, 760, and 770 have bulky and lopsided rectangles. To find out your printer's toner cartridge, check the owner manual. Your Brother printer will probably have a standard, high, or super-high-yield toner cartridge.

How to Replace Toner in Brother Printer?

So now you have the basic idea of the Brother toner cartridges and drum units, you will be able to understand the toner replacement process. We have divided the whole process into a few simple steps for your ease so that you can avoid getting stuck in the middle of the process.

  1. First, Turn on the Brother printer and open the front access panel.
  2. There, you'll see a green handle; it's the toner cartridge attached to the drum assembly unit.
  3. Raise the handle slightly and pull out the drum assembly unit.
  4. Lay the drum assembly unit on a flat surface.
  5. Press the green retainer clips located on the sides of the drum assembly unit.
  6. Then, remove the empty toner cartridge and set it aside.
  7. Unpack the new toner cartridge and remove all the plastic and bubble wrap covering the machine.
  8. Next, from the outer edge of the toner cartridge, remove the orange strip of plastic.
  9. Gently shake the new toner cartridge a couple of times to distribute the toner inside evenly.
  10. Place the new toner cartridge into the drum assembly unit and gently press it down until the retainer clips fall into place.
  11. Then, thrice, slide the green corona tab on the top of the drum unit front and back thrice to clean the photosensitive drumhead and prepare it for the new toner cartridge.
  12. Insert the drum assembly unit back into the printer until it falls into place.
  13. Close the front access panel of the printer.
  14. After closing the front access panel, the printer will return to Ready Mode.
  15. Run a few diagnostic tests to check whether the printer is ready to print.


How to recycle your old Brother genuine ink and toner cartridge?

If you've purchased a genuine Brother toner cartridge to replace the old ones, then you can return your old, empty cartridges with Brother's free return system. Using Brother's Smart Label System, print a free shipping label and return your old cartridge in the package your new toner cartridge came in.

How long does the genuine Brother toner cartridge last?

It depends on how often you use the Brother printer for printing jobs. If the toner cartridge is not damaged, the toner inside can last for years. It would be best to store the toner properly to extend its life.

How to check the toner level on your Brother laser printer?

You can check the toner level on your Brother laser printer by following these two simple steps.

First, on your Brother printer's front LCD panel, tap the Ink/Ink Management key. Next, scroll to the option for ink volume.

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