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HP Smart Tank Printers For Your Small Business And Home

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HP Smart Tank Printers For Your Small Business And Home

HP Smart Printer

HP Smart Tank printers are one of the newest printer series. A new sensor-based Ink Tank technology is powered to alert the user before the printer runs out of ink. These printers print using thermal inkjet technology to create prints. Additionally, the ink bottles can be directly refilled into the ink tanks present within the printers than buying replaceable ink cartridges. As its name suggests, you can print at fast speeds, with superior quality prints and cost-effective printing.

Further, they can print between 2,500 to 5,000 pages on a single fill. Since every home and office has its own needs. We will look at the top 3 printers for your small business and home.

1.HP Smart Tank 580

The Smart Tank 580 is perfect for users who print extensively at home and with micro businesses requiring high-volume, cost-effective printers. The 580 Smart Tank printer offers hassle-free, minimal maintenance, and continuous printing. To rephrase, the Smart Tank 580 provides top value. It is highly reliable; also, they are easy to use.

The critical features of this printer are the Smarter tank value that can print up to 12,000 black-white pages and 6,000 color pages for a small cost of ink. Further, this model with HP’s Auto-On/Auto-Off technology can save energy. Moreover, the Ink sensors save money by preventing the need for printhead replacements. 

Another exciting feature of HP Smart Tank 580 printers is self-healing Wi-Fi, sending faxes with your phone. And it is made with 45% recycled plastic. So, its affordable price and other attractive features make it a perfect printer for your home or small office.

2.HP Smart Tank 5101

A printer that is a perfect companion for families or homes is the Smart Tank 5101 printer. The 5101 Smart Tank printer is an all-in-one printer designed to be intuitively brilliant and offers prints at an ultra-low cost.

Further, the ink shelf-life is up to 2 years, providing the flexibility for home users to print all they need at their pleasure. It offers excellent value to your purchase of ink by having the ability to print up to 6000 black pages or color pages, and with its Ink sensors, it is economical as it avoids costly print head replacements. Also, it can print at a rate of 12 ppm for black and 5 ppm for color. It provides high-quality graphic prints and crisp text for everyday print at home.

Additionally, this HP Smart Tank printer comes with Print App through which you can print, scan, and fax from your smart device. Further, the printer can keep on printing with its self-healing Wi-Fi. Finally, the printer comes with a mobile-guided setup, color-coded easy refill, and saves energy with its HP Auto-On/Auto-Off technology.

3.HP Smart Tank 6001 Inkjet Printer

The 6001 Inkjet Smart Tank printer is another excellent printer with a refillable ink tank. It is perfect for the entire family and small businesses for printing seamlessly from start to finish. The printer also creates excellent prints at a low cost per print. Also, once the ink is filled in the tank, it can be used for up to 2 years.

The attractive features of this printer are that it can print, copy, and scan, and also provides 2-sided printing. It also can produce borderless prints, mobile, and wireless printing with up to 12 ppm for black and white. It is 7 ppm for color.

Additionally, at its full ink capacity, the HP Easy Smart Printer 6001 printer can produce up to 8,000 color pages and 6,000 pages. It comes with Smart-guided buttons, which illuminate you to navigate through the print, scan, and copy tasks.

Another exciting feature is that it comes with computer viruses and malware protection, which helps maintain privacy and secure your documents. Moreover, it comes with a self-healing dual-band Wi-Fi. It can automatically detect and resolve connection issues all on its own! Considering plastic pollution, the printer is manufactured with 25% of recycled plastic.


HP Smart Tank printers are one of the newest printers released by HP. They were released by keeping the growing consumer tech and usage in homes and small businesses. The Smart Tank printers perfectly balance quality, sustainability, and affordability. Also, the user interface of these printers is made more user-friendly and equipped with new security protections providing safety for your documents. In this blog, we have provided you with the top 3 models that are perfect for your home or small business purpose.


1.What are the benefits of owning an HP Smart Tank printer?

The benefits of Smart Tank printers are that they can print fast, affordability, and quality of printing. Also, they can secure devices and documents. They are also easy to use and manufactured with recycled plastic, making them eco-friendly.

2.Who is the Smart Tank printer for?

The HP Smart Tank printer is for any user who wants excellent value without discounting the quality. It is usually perfect for home users, parents, work-at-home workers, and Small and medium businesses because these are typical users who print with less quantity daily and need a higher ink shelf-life with less replacing costs.

3.How to refill the HP Smart Tank printer?

The first step is taking the ink bottle and opening the cap, and later, inserting the bottle, top-down, directly into the top of the ink tank. It is important that you don’t squeeze or shake the bottle and allow the ink to naturally fill the tank. After the tank is filled, you need to remove the bottle.

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